This is our new family member, Solace.  We adopted her from the TLC Humane Society, Dahlonega, GA.

So heartbroken after losing our sixteen-year-old JackiePoo, Ginger, we didn’t think we wanted another pet for a long time.  But, the house was so empty and we missed the companionship very much.

Both my wife and I secretly checked out the dogs on the TLC Humane Society in Dahlonega, GA.

Now Solace is at home with us, and we are already have such a strong love for her.

We would strongly recommend to anyone who needs a loving companion, to check out the Humane Society in your town for a loving addition to you home.

Tom and Blanche Winton

Ginger 001

Solace-7 months old on left and Ginger on right.IMG_0534 - Copy