The Occupied Wall Street–Reflections of “The Last American Martyr”

The Last American Martyr is an Amazon “Hot New Release” novel that speaks out about the unjust treatment of workers worldwide.

Description of The Last American Martyr:

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then one small soul rises from the
crowded depths of obscurity and causes the earth to wobble on its axis. This
last happened in 2008 when an unemployed doorman, in a secondhand Goodwill suit,
stepped onto the worldwide stage in Stockholm and accepted The Nobel Prize for

In this me-me twenty-first century, Thomas Soles may very
well be the last American martyr. This self-described “simple man” writes a
simple book that resuscitates the all-but-dead international labor movement. The
response to his thoughts and perceptions are astounding. All around the globe,
from pole to pole, from America to Zimbabwe, the marching footsteps of workers,
young and old, tremor the earth. But not everyone is pleased. There’s a
tight-knit, elitist clique that is absolutely livid over the thoughts and ideals
that fill the pages of his book. And the moment Tom and his wife, Elaina, return
home from Sweden, they realize just how angry this profit-hungry mob really is.

Mortified by the horrid scene that awaits them inside their New York
tenement, the Soles’ have no choice but to flee their longtime home. Hoping to
find anonymity, they bounce all over America in an RV. But they don’t find
peace. Instead they become moving targets. Everywhere they go they’re followed
by a succession of life-threatening events.


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  1. / ReplyZakiyya Gawley
    Great post. Some good points you highlight in there.

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