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  1. / Replywayne yankoff
    I ordered and read both your books. Please keep it up. Write more (if this is possible). The website on OWS was how I got your name and the name of the books. I liked the characters, the developement and the read. Thanks for sharing your memory of high school in "Nostalgia" and the cahracter in "Martyr."
    • / ReplyTom Winton
      Thanks so much, Wayne! I'm really tickled that you liked both books. I am one chapter into a new one. It's slow going, but I think I'm onto something special. Your encouragment is deeply appreciated and comes at just the right time.
  2. / ReplyFran Touchette
    I just finished reading Beyond Nostalgia. I really enjoyed it. Someone said that it was a mystery, so for quite a while I kept waiting for the murder or mayhem and mystery, but finally just decided to read without expecting that and really did enjoy it. When I read about the carbuncle on Dean's father's neck, I said oh, wow, my Dad had a carbuncle on the back of his neck. Then, I read his name was Frank, so wasn't my Dad's name Frank. Then, he marries Maddy Frances and his publisher is Fran. My name at birth was Frances and I changed it to Fran about 4 years ago. Also, when Dean says that the place he called Maddy was at a place called Yeehaw Junction, I said, oh, my I have been there. I also lived in Delray Beach. And, my first landlady in 1968 was a woman named Maddy in Claremont, NH. I decided all this was a sign that I was meant to read this book, but little coincidences behind, I thought it was a great book.
  3. / ReplyFrances Sienkiewicz
    Talk about coincidences-- I went to St Agnes and lived in College Point. I worked in Flushing at S Klein's--next door to Gertz's while I was in HS. I used to meet my friends under the clock as well. My sister went to Flushing HS and her name as is my mother is Madeline Theresa. My names is Frances and one of my best friends name was Suzanne Di Bennedetto. My favorite Aunt lived in Smithtown and free weekends in the summer were always spent at Jones Beach--West End. What a trip down memory lane. I just need to order a "kitchen sink" from Jahns for $7.95--serves 8! There was a Jahns in Florida as well. Thanks for the memories. ( The only thing I could not place was Broadway in College Point.) Enjoyed the read and the ending. Glad Dean did what he did!
  4. / ReplyMichelle Wilson
    Thank you for "The Last American Martyr." The story deeply touched me. I forwarded it to a writing friend who is the personification of Tom, and he thought the writing was exceptional. I agree. We have a question for you, though. The question is, "Did the black Ford truck really exist outside of Tom's writings?" We both have our own ideas and you are the only person who knows for sure. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Again. Michelle Wilson
    • / ReplyTom Winton
      So glad you folks enjoyed The Last American Martyr, Michelle. I'm going to send you an email in answer to your question. Thank you very much!

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