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It’s very difficult to write what is called a literary novel without coming across as wordy or plain rambling. I find Faulkner and Joyce and Lawrence, among others, all too fond of the sound of their own words and unable to “get on with it”. There is no merit in words for their own sake in a novel: the object is to tell a story and take the reader’s imagination and keep it. You’ve done that brilliantly. All the usual trite approvals with regard to voice, scene setting and dialogue apply, so I won’t insult you by adding to them.

Nicholas Boving

I admire your writing skill, your wit, your way with descriptions, your ability to draw the reader from the end of a chapter into wanting to go on to the next as quickly as possible. I was overwhelmed by your description of what it’s like to try to get a book that you believe in looked at by an agent or publisher. You write about romance, and that includes sexual activity, in a way that is moving and never salacious, I think you understand women and you love your characters; why shouldn’t the reader fall for them too? All in all, Tom, it’s a very powerful, very well told piece of history. It entertains, it has a moral and it speaks to the spirit. What reader can ask for more?

Lee Shore

I started to read BN and intended to read page to page, but
a lack of restraint had me jumping forward to find out where this story was
going and then jumping back. Winton squeezes a lot of emotions into each
section and uses a first person narrative that actually sounds like a young kid from
New York. I thought of James Jones right away when reading BN.

Shane Kennedy
The Summer Girl

This really is a lovely piece of writing, So many plus points I don’t know where to start. It’s heartfelt. It’s romance, not sex. It’s evocative. It’s addictive. It’s written from life? Didn’t all of us want to meet somebody like Theresa, and how many of us did?

Michael Ashley Torrington, author, ‘Kristin.’

What amazing reading! I have to admit that I am dumbfounded to read such a lovely, haunting and relational story from the hands of a man! There are a few men who can write in such a way–it is wonderful.  Thank you for sharing this.

Barbara Mayo-Neville, author of “The Sea Pillow”

What amazing reading! I have to admit that I am dumbfounded to read such a lovely, haunting and relational story from the hands of a man! There are a few men who can write in such a way–it is wonderful.  Thank you for sharing this.

L. W. Samuelson

“I could read the writing on the walls, when there wasn’t graffiti obscuring it.” This line from the second paragraph of chapter one, perfectly exemplifies the tone and setting for the first chapter of the story. Anyone who grew up in a city will immediately connect with Dean Cassidy, the story’s main character, and his attraction to Theresa Wayman. Thomas’s description of love at first site is nearly as thrilling as the reality which inspired it. I was genuinely moved… more than once. Thomas paints a clear picture of where you are at any given moment in the story. I see the sidewalks and curbs, I know what color the light is, I know the music that’s playing, the texture of the tiny nun’s face… lots of detail, worked in smoothly, and never in the way. The writing has a natural rhythm which makes for easy reading. Excellent writing…and a story worthy of it.

Rodney Jones

How beautifully written. I’m not normally a fan of this type of fiction, but if I was I’d be almost in tears by the end of the first chapter alone! I wish you every success.

Claire Ferdinando

I love it when I find a book so touching like yours. The story itself is the force of it all, you capture human emotions going against real life obstacles. You’ve done a wonderful job and it took me a while to find the words fit for a comment. Even so, I find them useless, all I can say it’s been a beautifully haunting read. Congratulations and I wish you the best of luck with it.

Julia Siboney, author of “Children of Light”

You know,sometimes I think I can write and then every so often I read something and know I can’t! This is one of those times. Great admiration for your writing style, it’s smooth and the prose is delivered in an effortless way.
The plot isn’t complex, I don’t have to wrack my brains to follow it, the story is simply a human and perhaps to some of us slightly familiar tale.
Yet there is nothing simple in the way you tell it. The story has sensitivity, pathos and then to lift the mood snippets of humour in what is a rather emotional journey. I only comment as a reader and this is well worth the read.

Margaret Anthony

Beyond Nostalgia is a story told with such tenderness and depth that it will break your heart. Though not sappy-sweet in sentimentality, it is warm and loving. It evokes our own fragile memories of that true and eternal love that happens but once in a lifetime and of making choices that will sometimes haunt us forever. It reaches out and grabs the hopeless romantic in all of us.   The vivid imagery of his New York neighborhood and the memories of an unforgettable bygone era will touch many of his readers, but in the end, it will be the moving story of two young lovers and the heartbreaking cards they are dealt that will have readers reaching for the Kleenex and reminiscing about the one that got away and took their hearts with them.  Powerful in its simplicity and honesty.

Isabel Lopez, author of “Isabel’s Hand-Me-Down Dreams”

Ah, young love. Do I detect Romeo and Juliet combined with Jack Kerouac and Salinger. Whatever, this is delightful. The tough guy, all soft underneath. There is a real evocation of teenage angst and longing which creates a world of its own. It’s not difficult to root for the protagonists – two young people in a harsh world. My reading picked up a versatile, talented writer who’s lived a lot and has got a lot to write about.

Ian Cook

My goodness! Your book is wicked! You write with such a unique voice, it’s like I’m the person narrating your story, and I already feel what’s happening, happened, and will happen even though I don’t know what is, did, and will. That is remarkable. Your premise is engaging, and will appeal to many people, particularly Americans who will love the USA setting and Americana environment in your story. It’s like your book is a Billy Joel song, but in book form! I am definitely backing this baby!

Kevin Wong
Author of Heroes of Destiny

Oh Thomas,
I absolutely love your story. The place, the pacing, the sweet youth of Theresa and Dean, you have captured it all, the language. I have no idea why, but I kept thinking about Eddie and the Cruisers all through the story, and I don’t even remember what that movie was about.. Dean’s voice (your writing) is so perfect. I feel him peeling off the shells of the protective coating he’s layered to protect himself and her. This is about more than love it is about intimacy, opening your heart and soul.

K.C. Hart, author of “Summer Rose”

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